Monday, May 30, 2011


Provider gets first hit, if multiple bowls are packed in one sitting packer will get first hit. It is also common courtesy to leave some green for as many as people possible. Designate a packer for the session this person is responsible for the drinks food and of course packing the bowl. This does not mean they have to provide these items they just fetch them. Follow all house rules pertaining to smoke area how much to smoke. And of course be as nice as possible

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New toy

well i got a new toy named it the frog bc if u get real stoned he looks like a frog its real name is bukkit its pretty cool gets a massive amount of smoke in it if ur not carefull all in all good bang for the buck definatly recommend it

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Second game

This requires both a pipe and a bong. The pipe is the dominant therefore when the person who has the pipe takes a hit the person with the bong now has to. Its a pretty simple one but it helps when you have people and you dont want them to smoke all of your herb you can just blame the game. Also if you happen to initiate dont let it go out (found in my previous game) you may set the pipe/bong (depending if it initiated the game or not) off to the side untill you have finished the game with the other tool

Saturday, May 14, 2011

First Game

Im broke so i havnt had any money to smoke which is why i havnt been updating latly my car broke down several times this month but its all good now so how is everyone doing? I decided id put some games i play on here 1. "Don't let it go out" when you are passed whatever it is your smoking and you take a hit without using a light pass it immediatly on whoever lets it go out loses the game if playing with multiple people you can make several rounds of it. If you cash it to make it go out you automaticly enter a new round re-pack it, roll it ect. ect. and light it and then dont let it go out. I will post more games as time goes on please leave comments about games youve made/played.