Thursday, April 28, 2011

Great Bongs

Zeus is one of the epic bongs i have used. Odin, and Dragon can verify ;). I personally love using this because it helps build lung capacity it has a decent amount of smoke space within not to mention the water amount adds the perfect roll of smoke. The only bong i have used that beat it was headshot. Headshot had 2 different water pockets as well as a carb. It also had an ice tray so you could have a nice cool smoke. Headshot made every bit of weed count. Unfortunately it didn't have a very big base and was tipped over and shattered :(. May you rest in peace Headshot. Have you ever had an epic bong post it in the comments and tell me why its so epic its show and tell time stoners :D.


  1. used to have a bong with ashcatcher, precooler and two carbs. shit was the bomb. then it broke.. :(

  2. Its a love hate relationship with glass you love it because you can see exactly what your getting not to mention its kinda trippy depending on the epicness of the bong but at the same time they break so easy :( especially if its been in use for awhile lol