Thursday, April 21, 2011

The what ifs in life

What if we were to look back in time and see the dinosaurs as they roamed... now lets imagine if they had been civilized. When walking through the lands we would see university hospitals and of course dooms-dayers ( yea i know i probably could of looked up the word instead of typing all of this explanation but you know what i don't care so :P). A old and wise dinosaur once said the year "212 million bc a great meteor shall come down from the heavens and wipe out all of civilization....". The other dinosaurs just laughed and said shut up Nostrasaurs and now look there all dead. Point of this story... Toast is good.... To the stoners that read that entire thing you either just shit yourself in laughing thought his was lame or really want toast... ima say its the later NOW GET SOME DAMN TOAST

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